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Our journey began in 2007 with a vision: a world where all investments have a positive impact. First conceived as a social stock market, SVX would be a place where we would connect entrepreneurs and organizations tackling our most pressing problems with investors seeking impact alongside return.

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2007 – 2012

Feasibility and Development

  • Concept paper first proposed social stock exchange concept in 2007
  • Adopted as a policy priority of Ontario’s provincial government in 2008
  • Cross-sectoral partnership formed with MaRS, TMX Group Inc., and Government of Ontario in 2009
  • Feasibility and official registration as a platform in Ontario completed

2013 – 2016

SVX 1.0
Start up

  • SVX officially launches as an online database of impact investment opportunities with 12 inaugural issuers in Canada in 2013
  • First accelerator program launches in 2013
  • Start-up of SVX Mexico in 2014
  • Launch of SVX Quebec and accelerator partnership with Esplanade in 2015

2017 – 2021

SVX 2.0
Scale up

  • New SVX 2.0 platform launches as full service platform in 2017
  • SVX US launches in partnership with Cutting Edge Capital in 2018
  • VERGE Breakthrough Fund launches in partnership with Pillar Nonprofit Network in 2018
  • Genus-SVX Impact Investment Counsel and ImpactDAF program with MakeWay launches in 2018
  • SVX Canada and SVX Mexico work with partners on impact investing action plan for Colombia including establishing a National Advisory Board on Impact Investing from 2017-2020
  • SVX becomes an independent entity in 2019
  • SVX becomes a partner of the Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network (WOSEN) in 2020

2021 – BEYOND

SVX 3.0

  • Build Back Better Challenge launches in Prince Edward County with LIFT Philanthropy and County Coworking in 2021
  • Catalyst Community Capital Initiative launches in 2021
  • Impact United community launches in 2021
  • SVX reaches 500+ enterprises, organizations, and funds supported in 2021

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