Canadian National Impact Investor Survey


Time Period: 2018 and 2021 

Geography: Canada-wide 

Sector: Cross-sector 

Impact: N/A


Stage: In Development

Client and/or Partners: 

Advisory for Social Innovators & Funders - Social Venture Exchange SVX

SVX has actively engaged in investor research (including surveys and interviews) to understand the activity and interest of asset owners in impact investing, from interested to active investors.

The first major research report was completed for the Government of Ontario, called Market Momentum: Impact Investing and High Net Worth investors.  In 2021, SVX engaged in a wider effort with the National Impact Investor survey, which was deployed to a broad range of respondents from the SVX and Impact United investor network, as well as peer impact investing intermediaries and investor networks across Canada. Those surveyed were accredited investors active or interested in impact investing, particularly individuals, foundations, family offices, financial institutions, endowments, and faith-based organizations.

A total of 95 respondents completed the survey, representing approximately $3.5 billion in assets (CAD). The survey found that investors want to significantly grow their asset allocation to impact investing, with clear sectors of interest including climate action and housing.