Carolinian Canada Conservation Impact Bond (CIB)


Time Period: 2021-Ongoing

Geography: Southwestern Ontario, Carolinian bioregion

Sector: Climate action and biodiversity, Indigenous reconciliation

Impact: As of April 2023, the CIB is supporting 54 healthy landscape projects across the Carolinian Zone resulting in numerous ecological, sociocultural, and economic benefits including:   

  • Centering Indigenous goals and communities in land management  
  • Mobilizing $1.58 million dollars across funders, investors, and outcome payers and accelerating the improvement and resiliency of 269 hectares, including Deshkan Ziibi region and Long Point Walsingham Forest Priority Place  
  • Supporting local stewards who are growing 40,000 native plants, 825 gardens, and 65 learning spaces  
  • Supporting 41 jobs and connecting over 1,000 individuals across 20 communities in high quality learning activities, including decolonization training 

Stage: In Operation

Client and/or Partners:

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Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone, Canada’s extraordinary far south, in the spirit and practice of reconciliation. They connect science, community and business for healthy ecosystems and climate-smart neighbourhoods from Toronto to Windsor, Ontario.

SVX advised Carolinian Canada in the development of their Conservation Impact Bond, a first-of-its kind adaptation of the social impact bond model to the context of biodiversity and natural habitat restoration.  Specifically, SVX was engaged in the development of a phase two conservation impact bond, including Board and staff education, background research, design options for the phase two bond, preparation of knowledge products, and a facilitated cross-sectoral convening of current and potential partners on the phase two model.

SVX has continued to be engaged as a partner for the project as the initiative continues to scale up. This project garnered international press and won a 2022 Finance for the Future (F4TF) Climate Leader Award in part for the way it incorporated Indigenous worldviews and a Two-Eyed Seeing approach to the design, implementation, and evaluation of the bond.