VERGE Capital

Led by Pillar Nonprofit Network and other local partners, SVX was an active participant in the development of Social Finance London starting in 2013. It evolved into a regional initiative focused on Southwestern Ontario seeking to engage local investors through investments that had a local impact, providing the access to capital needed by local social enterprises.  We were fortunate to act as an advisor on the development of their social finance community and the initial start-up fund. Then we played a more significant role in the design and co-management of a place-based impact investing fund for enterprises, organizations and projects in the region: the VERGE Breakthrough Fund.

VERGE Capital provides loans to enterprises, organizations and projects in Southwestern Ontario. SVX co-designed and co-manages the VERGE Breakthrough Fund, a $2.26 million place-based fund that has financed a range of enterprises from affordable housing projects and co-working facilities to conservation finance initiatives and food enterprises in the region. Learn more through the VERGE Capital website.