Community Connector Bond / Outcomes Financing Tool – Social Finance for Social Inclusion Solutions Lab 


Time Period: 2023

Geography: Canada

Sector: Affordable Housing

Impact: In Process


Stage: Completed

Client and/or Partners: Investor Syndicate


The “Social Financing for Social Inclusion” Solutions Lab is co-led by Allison Annesley, the parent of an adult daughter with developmental disabilities, and BGM Strategy Group, which specializes in bringing multi-stakeholder groups together to create strategies for complex issues. Additional partners include the Sinneave Family Foundation, the Azrieli Foundation, and the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI). The Lab is also guided by an external Advisory Committee with stakeholder representatives from academia, service providers, housing providers, policy experts, and people with lived experience. 

Funded by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Lab is focused on exploring the use of an outcomes-based social finance instrument as a tool to enable the adoption and scaling of Community Connectors, a service that doesn’t exist in many parts of the country. This dedicated role assists people with developmental disabilities as they transition from living at home to more independent housing, and has an outsized impact on the success of that transition, including their housing stability, quality of life, and social inclusion. 

SVX was engaged to develop the case and prototype for the bond / outcomes financing tool to help maintain and scale up the community connector service.