Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph (CSSJ) in Canada 


Time Period: 2020-2022

Geography: Canada

Sector: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), Place-based Impact Investing, Climate Action; Indigenous Prosperity


  • CSSJ grew its commitment to impact investing by $10 million

Stage: Complete

Client and/or Partners:

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Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph (CSSJ) is a faith-based organization, composed of a coalition of chapters located in Ontario, with a long history in directing capital toward impact investing.

Early commitments to sustainable investing include participating in CAIC (Canadian Alternative Investment Coop) in 1984. With the concurrent evolution of the organization and the impact investing sector at large, the group was interested in allocating a significant portion of its investment portfolio toward direct impact investments, with a focus on regional and Southwestern Ontario investments.

SVX supported CSSJ in the development of its revised impact investing strategy by delivering knowledge and strategy workshops to the board and investment committee members, co-developing impact themes, helping to update the organization’s impact investing policy statement (IPS), advancing investment prospecting and research, and developing a portfolio impact management framework.