Time Period: 2015-2016

Geography: Global

Sector: Cross-sector

Impact: The organization’s efforts focus on addressing the funding gap for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By aligning the interests of different funding sources and sharing risks, Convergence facilitates increased private sector investment in projects that might otherwise be deemed too risky or unattractive. 

Stage: Completed

Links or Resources: Convergence Website

Client and/or Partners:

Convergence aims to direct private sector investment to developing countries by providing an online platform and network where public, private, and philanthropic organizations can connect and collaborate on blended finance deals and structures.  Convergence offers a range of services, including a design funding program that supports the conception of blended finance instruments. Additionally, they offer knowledge products, training, and webinars on blended finance best practices and insights.  Convergence provides an online platform that showcases blended finance deals, allowing members to access detailed deal profiles and potential co-investment opportunities.

The SVX team offered advice and insight on the process for registration with securities administrators in Canada as a Restricted Dealer, based on the same model as our original registration in 2013.