Ecotierra Urapi Fund 


Time Period: 2016-2021

Geography: Global

Sector: Climate Action and Biodiversity; Sustainable Food Systems


  • The Urapi Fund completed its first closing ($30M) in 2018 and a second closing ($50M) in 2021 
  • 3,976 participants involved 
  • 378.25 hectares reforested 
  • 54,613 hectares under conservation 
  • 39 jobs created 

Stage: Completed

Links or Resources: Urapi Website; Ecotierra Website

Client and/or Partners:

Upper Canada Equity Fund

ECOTIERRA designs, develops, and operates sustainable agriculture and forestry projects. The company’s team offers decades of field experience with coffee and cocoa producer organizations in Latin America, North America, and Africa. It also has worked with a variety of partners including private companies, financial entities, international cooperation, local governments, and commodity buyers

Ecotierra found that existing models did not allow for a holistic, long-term approach to maximize impact for small-scale producers and the environmentIn 2016, Ecotierra decided to create the Urapi Sustainable Land Use fund, which was officially launched in 2017 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23). The fund seeks to mitigate land degradation and climate change by investing in community agroforestry projects and sustainable supply chains in the Global South

The SVX team supported the design, development and capital raising for Ecotierra’s URAPI Fund.