Habitat for Humanity Halton Mississauga Dufferin Investment Readiness and Community Housing Bond Structuring


Time Period: 2021

Geography: Ontario

Sector: Affordable Housing

Impact: The organization paused activities related to the bond during COVID.


Stage: In Operation

Links or Resources: Habitat Regional Website

Client and/or Partners:

MakeWay LOGO - Social Venture Exchange SVX

In 2021, Habitat for Humanity Halton Mississauga Dufferin (HHHMD) reached out to SVX to help assess the feasibility of structuring and launching a housing bond to fund the land acquisition for their ‘’Habitat Hub’’ transitional housing initiative.  Throughout the length of the engagement, SVX worked to support HHHMD by: 

  • Conducting a community bond feasibility analysis and go/no-go recommendation (including supporting HHHMD to put together a due diligence package for review) 
  • Providing education and training around: 
    • Impact articulation, theory of Change workshop(s) and dedicated feedback sessions 
    • Coaching on Stakeholder Mapping 
    • Constructed scenario analysis on interest, term to maturity, and payment frequency based on projected future financial states 
    • Provided guidance, education and support on financial model to achieve HHHMD-side user expertise on the document 
    • Provided guidance, education and support on cost-benefit implications of selected rates/terms 
    • Supported HHHMD in identifying options for legal counsel 
      • During and in preparation for the Beta Testing Phase with an investor audience, SVX helped: 
        • Support putting together HHHMD’s Deal Room 
        • Deliver training workshop(s) for interim and new Habitat HHMD Leadership on Social Finance including case studies  
        • Make HHHMD ‘’investment ready’’ by supporting the development of an Investor Pitch deck with clear impact articulation and coaching HHHMD leadership via pitch preparation sessions 
        • Summarized and interpreted to Habitat HHMD on investor beta testing results to assist in informing final offering term decision