Impact United


Time Period: 2021-Ongoing

Geography: Canada

Sector: Cross-sector


  • 1,000 stakeholders engaged in sector convenings and learning sessions 
  • 20+ members of the Mission Related Investing Collaborative 
  • 40 events over the last three years, with over 2,400 participants 
  • 21 knowledge products delivered

Stage: In Operation 

Links or Resources: Impact United Website; Launch announcement   

Client and/or Partners:

Canadian Women's Foundation CWF

A broad-based, peer-to-peer community and movement of investors seeking to mobilize capital towards social, economic and environmental justice, comprised of individuals, families, institutions, faith-based organizations, foundations and other asset owners.

A strategic initiative of SVX, Impact United seeks to connect individuals and organizations to share, learn, and collaborate with each otherImpact United hosts events and initiatives from the Impact United Academy to the Mission Related Investing (MRI) Collaborative.