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Colombian Impact Investing Ecosystem Development

SVX has been engaged in the Colombian impact investing ecosystem for over five (5) years. Between 2017 to 2020, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada (GAC), SVX Canada and SVX MX engaged in an in-depth research and community development effort to understand and inform the development of the impact investing ecosystem in Colombia. One key element was the co-design of a national Impact Investing Action Plan informed and directed by key market stakeholders.

One key result of that effort for the ecosystem was the start-up of a National Advisory Board (NAB) on impact investing. It also allowed SVX to build trusted relationships with market leaders, further cemented by hosting a delegation in both Toronto and Mexico City in early 2020. SVX is excited to build upon these relationships and groundwork in 2021 and beyond with partners and collaborators in Colombia.

And ecosystem engagement pre-dates this effort. SVX MX has built relationships with the Colombian impact ecosystem for many years through the Latin American Impact Investing Forum (FLII), ANDE Summit, GSG Summit, and other events that have involved the regional impact investing networks such as ANDE, The Impact, Latimpacto, and others.