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SVX Canada has worked with Cutting Edge Capital since 2015 to design, develop and deploy an SVX model in the US. Together we have created greater connections and access for the investor and venture community across borders, and enhanced our shared capacity, technology, and knowledge to better serve our investor and issuer communities.


SVX.US launched with its first issuer, TechSoup, at the old Pacific Stock Exchange Building in November 2018. TechSoup offered a $11.5 million Regulation A+ direct public offering. We’ve had the good fortune of working with their team to help launch and manage their campaign via the SVX US platform as a pilot to test the model.


  • Piloted the SVX platform focusing on one issuer to learn and demonstrate the model in the United States.
  • Leveraged technology, regulatory knowledge, issuer experience, marketing, and issuer/partner networks, building a combined cross-border effort and operation.
  • Pursued the lean start-up approach by bootstrapping with revenues from the issuer and leveraging existing team resources from SVX Canada and Cutting Edge Capital.
  • TechSoup has already successfully raised over $10 million in financing from foundations, high net worth individuals, family offices, and the general public — from investments in the millions down to individuals investing $50. Major investors included Microsoft Philanthropies and VMWare Foundation.
  • Built profile for the platform and offering with features in media including Forbes, Devex, Barron’s, The Nonprofit Times, and more.