Services for Investors

We support individuals, families, foundations, faith-based organizations, institutions, and other asset owners.

We work with all investors, from foundations and family offices to everyday investors, to help them identify opportunities and to support their decision-making efforts so they can match their money with meaning.

Impact Investor Community

Impact United is a broad-based, peer-to-peer community and movement of investors seeking to mobilize capital towards social, economic and environmental justice, comprised of individuals, families, institutions, faith-based organizations, foundations, and other asset owners.

Impact United seeks to connect individuals and organizations to share, learn, and collaborate with each other, collect and share new insights and knowledge for the collective benefit of the community, and facilitate and support shared actions within the community.


We seek to build capacity for interested and active impact investors, ventures, funds and organizations through hands-on education.

Our flagship investor education series is All-in Impact, offering a peer-focused and comprehensive experience to build capacity and provide a pathway for investors to make the next step on their impact journey.


We work with clients seeking to set and revise its impact strategy, develop an impact reporting framework, or augment its deal sourcing and due diligence capacity. Services include:

  • Thesis development / Preparing for purpose
  • Support in augmenting capacity
  • Portfolio support

Portfolio Management Services

Genus-SVX Impact Investment Counsel

Institutional and individual investors in Canada are increasingly seeking to achieve positive social and environmental impact alongside financial return. But they face challenges in building and managing diversified impact investment portfolios, as there are limited options available. It is difficult to “do-it-yourself” as investors often have limited time and experience. The Genus-SVX Impact Investment Counsel was created to address these challenges. The first-of-its-kind in Canada, the Counsel offers a complete portfolio, across a broad range of asset classes, of impact investment opportunities that are fully managed, customized and diversified.

Direct Investing Platform is full service platform featuring high quality impact ventures, funds, and organizations seeking capital.

We curate investment opportunities via the SVX Platform that allow you invest directly into organizations, funds, and enterprises that are building a healthy, resilient, and sustainable world. We also support your investment decision-making efforts so you can more easily match your money with meaning, by conducting an internal and external review process on all issuers to analyze their offering, traction and impact.

Impact Donor Advised Fund

MakeWay’s Impact DAF is the first customizable donor advised fund in Canada to be 100% invested for impact. An ImpactDAF at MakeWay offers a new way to maximize philanthropy for social and environmental good by bringing charitable giving and impact investing together in a single fund. The ImpactDAF is designed for foundations, families, and individuals opening a fund with a minimum $1M balance. Funds are invested with a customized strategy that ensures individual mission and values fit, and provides impact measurement using a methodology aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Funds in MakeWay’s ImpactDAFs are invested with and managed by the Genus-SVX Impact Investment Counsel.

Case Studies

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph (CSSJ) in Canada