Loretto Sisters / IVBM Canada 


Time Period: 2022-Ongoing

Geography: Canada

Sector: Cross-sector

Impact: In Progress


    Stage: In Progress

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    The Loretto Sisters, officially known as the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), are a faith-based organization based in Toronto that dates to the 17th centuryThe Loretto Sisters of Canada are a branch of this global community and have been present in Canada since the mid-19th century. Their primary focus has traditionally been on education, and they have established and operated several schools in Canada.

    Throughout their history, they have been dedicated to the principles of freedom, justice, and sincerity, which are core values that their founder Mary Ward promotedIn addition to their educational work, the Loretto Sisters have been involved in various pastoral and social justice initiatives, responding to the needs of the times and the places where they serveThe Loretto Sisters have been active impact investors for decades, with a stated interest in growing their impact investing portfolio

    SVX supported IVBM in the development of its revised impact investing strategy by delivering targeted education, supporting the development of a revised strategy, advancing investment prospecting and research, and developing a portfolio impact management framework.