Services for Funds

We work with a range of for-profit and non-profit impact investing funds with a local, national and global outlook. This ranges from private equity funds focused on sustainable food or sustainable housing to place-based funds providing lending capital to local organizations and enterprises. We provide a range of supports from strategy support to peer networks to capital raising.

Peer Community for Place-based Funds

Alongside partners, SVX stewards a peer community of place-based funds, providing a venue to deliver strategic content, to share insights and knowledge, and to collaborate on actions and mutually beneficial projects and initiatives including ecosystem and policy infrastructure. This peer community is connected to our Catalyst Community Capital initiative.

Fund Design and Management

We work one-on-one with emerging impact investing fund clients to develop successful models using a proven development process from discovery to design to deployment. Although our work is primarily focused on place-based funds, we have experience in sector-focused and globally-focused fund models.

From a management or co-ownership perspective, we can also provide supports to new or existing impact investing funds (particularly place-based funds) including: due diligence, compliance and regulatory guidance, governance and operations services.

Place-based Impact Investing Funds

We manage a small set of place-based impact investing funds, and we coordinate a network of place-based impact funds in Canada. These funds can provide debt and/or equity financing to start or scale enterprises, organizations or projects in geographic regions, particularly in Ontario.

Direct Investing Platform

SVX offers a full-service platform that facilitates investor identification, document fulfillment, investment transactions, user analytics, issuer updates, and more.

Guidance for Foreign Issuers

We can provide regulatory guidance and support for impact investing funds based outside of Canada, particularly from Latin America.

Case Studies

Windmill Microlending

House of Friendship

Carolinian Canada Conservation Impact Bond

Deetken Impact