Time Period: 2013-2015

Geography: Ontario

Sector: Climate Action, Biodiversity


  • 51 Solar Projects Completed 
  • 500 Tonnes CO2e GHG emissions reduced annually 
  • Over 113 million kWh Clean Electricity Produced 
  • $12+ million in Interest paid to investors and kept in the community 
  • 10,000+ community reach and growing 
  • SolarShare members have invested $80 million since 2010 

Stage: Completed

Links or Resources: SolarShare Website

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Solar electricity

SolarShare is a non-profit cooperative with a mission to grow community-based solar electricity generation in Ontario by engaging citizens in projects that offer tangible financial, social and environmental returns. SolarShare offers securities in the form of bonds to its members. Community Solar Bonds earn annual interest for a set term. They are backed by 20-year government agreements under Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff program and are secured by mortgages on title. Members each have one vote in the co-operative. 

SVX worked with the SolarShare team to acquire a third party analysis of SolarShare’s valuation of assets to assist in meeting RRSP eligibility requirements for the bond offering in 2013. SolarShare also successfully secured investment capital from SVX investors as an issuer.