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We are looking for funds, bonds, and other private offerings to be part of this year’s Impact Index+ cohort: a group of qualified private impact investment opportunities on the SVX Impact Index that have met rigorous impact, governance, and financial requirements.

Whether you’re an issuer, investor, or an impact enthusiast, SVX connects you to a future of meaningful investments and transformative change. Get your product on our Impact Map today.

What is Impact Index+?


Impact Index+ is a qualified set of private impact investment offerings that must meet strict impact, governance, and financial standards. Offerings are vetted by external reviewers, an Advisory Group of industry professionals, and the SVX team.

Impact Index+ opportunities are announced semi-annually and spotlighted on the platform. This year, the deadline to submit your product is September 16th, 2024. There is no limit to the number of products that will be considered for Impact Index+.

Impact Index+ is more than just a listing; it’s a recognition of excellence in impact investing. It’s a mark of trust and a testament to your commitment to creating a real impact. By becoming an ImpactX offering, you unlock several key benefits:

Gain Credibility

Being vetted and recommended by third-party experts and our Advisory Group of industry professionals adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to your offering.

Increased Exposure

Join an exclusive group of impactful products and reach hundreds of impact investors in the Canadian community. The SVX Impact Index has 200 impactful products in the database and an existing network of hundreds of impact investors. Your investment offering will be prominently featured on our platform, reaching a wide network of impact investors actively seeking impactful opportunities.

Heightened Visibility

Be part of Canada’s single access point for impact market information.

Access a Targeted Audience

The SVX Impact Index is the go-to destination for impact investments in Canada. Joining us means connecting with a network passionate about making a difference through investments.

Facilitated Growth

Collaborate with like-minded peers, share knowledge, and receive valuable feedback.


Best of all, there’s no cost for issuers to post on the Platform.

Requirement Criteria for Impact Index+


Prospective organizations, enterprises, or funds must initially meet the minimum platform requirements. Beyond these initial standards, there are additional requirements for organizations to be a verified Impact Index+ offering.

Become a Verified Impact Index+ Offering: Requirements & FAQ

What impact standards are used in the selection criteria for Impact Index+? Impact Index+ is a curated subset of qualified and vetted private impact investment offerings as recommended by an Advisory Group of industry professionals.

This set of opportunities will be announced semi-annually and showcased on the platform. These issuers must meet a set of additional, in-depth criteria related to management and governance, impact, finances, and equity:

1. Management and Governance

  • Track Record: Demonstrated track record for active and established issuers or previous track record of team and partners for new and emerging issuers.
  • Team: Aligned team experience, skills and performance.

2. Impact: Management and Standards

  • Management: Impact management strategies, including impact measures.
  • Standards: Adherence to market-standard for impact. This may include a third-party standard or agreement to code of conduct.

3. Finances: Sustainability, Structure and Exit Strategy

  • Financial Sustainability: Strong financial model and potential for financial sustainability
  • Financial Return: Potential for financial return from concessionary, below-market, at-market, to above-market rate.
  • Exit Strategy: Clear strategies for exit that align with long-term impact and sustainability for issuer, investor(s) and community.

4. Equity: Racial and Gender Equity

  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing racial and gender equity within management, governance, and business operations.


As an impact investing intermediary, SVX acknowledges the pressing need to adhere to international standards encompassing human rights, labour, environmental sustainability, gender equality, racial equity, Indigenous reconciliation, financial integrity, and transparency. 

Our commitment is to operate in a fashion that aligns with these standards, striving for continuous enhancement of our practices to mitigate any adverse impact on stakeholders and the environment. Please see here for our Impact Index+ Issuer Code of Conduct.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to submit my information?

The submission process for the database should only take a few minutes. In order to be considered for Impact Index+, we estimate it will take up to 30 minutes to submit your information and documentation if it is already accessible and complete.

What is the pricing structure for the SVX Impact Index platform?

There is no access fee or listing fee for issuers. Further, SVX does not take a percentage of the capital raised. The basic platform information will be available to all users. However, there will be a tiered subscription fee for investors to access detailed information and documentation. Further, investors can request due diligence and will be charged a flat fee for service

What impact standards are used in the selection criteria for Impact Index+?

It is important that issuers apply an impact standard to demonstrate their impact. Issuers have the flexibility to leverage various best-practice third-party impact certifications, impact principles, or impact assessment tools as standards to guide their organizational impact. The following list presents a comprehensive, though not exhaustive, compilation of these standards. See it here.

In the interest of standardization and comparability among issuers, we have subdivided the list into “Core” and “Non-Core” categories. Issuers are encouraged to share additional standards for evaluation by the Impact Index+ Advisors and the operating team.

How many products on the platform?

There will be an estimated 200+ impact investing products on the platform when we launch in January 2024.

How many products will be considered for Impact Index+?

There is no limit to the number of products that will be considered for Impact Index+. Based on current trends, we would estimate between 20-30 products will meet the Impact Index+ criteria by January 2024.

What if I am not ready for investment?

SVX offers investment readiness services for organizations, intermediaries, and governments seeking to develop impact investing funds, bonds, outcomes financing tools, and other innovative financing products. Please get in touch with us at info@svx.ca to arrange a conversation or to get more information.

Are you looking for ventures?

At this time, we are not seeking direct venture equity (e.g. common shares or preferred shares) in individual, for-profit enterprises for the database or Impact Index+. However, we would consider individual nonprofit organizations seeking debt financing for projects, outcomes financing tools, or real estate that met our criteria. Further, we are also open to other equity opportunities such as GP/LP structures.

Got other questions? Scroll down to register for our information webinars or email us at platformsupport@svx.ca.

Minimum Screening Requirements

Not interested in applying for Impact Index+? You can still submit your product on the SVX Impact Index. While we have established criteria to guide our selection process, we recognize that flexibility is essential. These criteria represent best practices, but we understand that not every requirement may be applicable to every applicant. We encourage you to submit your application even if you do not meet all the criteria. We are committed to working with you to determine your eligibility.


  • Impact sector alignment with social, environmental, and economic impact.
  • Investment size/scale with at least $2 million in capital being south.
  • Investment structures must be within the private or exempt market domain. This includes private equity, debt, mixed private structures, and not limited to funds, bonds, and outcomes-based financing tools.
  • Investment Availability: Issuers currently in a capital-raising phase or planning to initiate one in the next 6-12 months.
  • Canadian Domiciled: Eligible for Canadian investors (the impact itself does not need to be in Canada).
Please apply, and we will work with you to determine if you’re eligible.
Documentation Requirements
  1. Incorporation document(s)
  2. Financial statements (audited, reviewed, or NTR)Âą
  3. Offering document(s)
  4. Pro-forma financial projections/budget
  5. Impact standard or commitment

ÂąIf historical statements are available.

“How do submit my offering to be considered for Impact Index+?


You will have to sign-up as an issuer to submit your offering to be considered for Impact Index+. Please follow these instructions. Issuers who wish to submit a regular offering may also follow these instructions. Please click here to navigate to the site.

Issuer Information Sessions

Got questions? Join us for our upcoming issuer information sessions to learn more about the submission process and how you can elevate your impact investment offering. 

Info Session #1: July 17th, 2024 – 1:00-2:30 PM ET


Info Session #2: August 7th, 2024 – 1:00 – 2:30 PM ET Register














Why Submit to the SVX Impact Index?


More and more investors are shifting their capital towards investments that generate intentional and measurable impact, but a lack of visibility into information on private market offerings remains a barrier. 

Increase your reach, exposure, and likelihood of finding the right investor for you by showcasing your fund, product, or investment offering on the SVX Impact Index. With a carefully curated selection of products ranging from private equity funds and community land trusts to community bonds and social impact bonds, the SVX Impact Index can showcase your impact.

Gain Exposure

Join a league of trailblazers at the forefront of impact investing. With 200 impactful products already in the database and an existing network of hundreds of impact investors, your product will achieve significant reach in the Canadian impact investing community.

Put Yourself on the Impact Map

Your products will be on the largest repository of impact investment products in Canada. Get on the single access point for impact market information for asset owners, asset managers, researchers, and other key stakeholders in impact investing.

Foster Growth and Development

Get connected with like-minded actors in impact investing in Canada. Our network can foster collaborations, partnerships, shared learning, and feedback to drive your growth and development. There is no cost for issuers to post on the SVX Impact Index.

Ready to put yourself on the impact map?


Click on the button below and submit your offering to be considered for Impact Index+.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at platformsupport@svx.ca.