SVX Mexico


Time Period: 2014-Ongoing 

Geography: Mexico and Latin America 

Sector: Cross-sector


  • 22,500 people educated in impact investing 
  • $42M advised for impact capital 
  • 35 impact projects and client engagements carried out in eight (8) Latin American countries 
  • 360 enterprises trained in preparation for impact investing 
  • 2,000+ investors trained 

Stage: In Operation 

Links or Resources: SVX Mexico Website

Client and/or Partners:

LARGE SVX LOGO - Social Venture Exchange SVX

SVX Mexico advances positive impact through education, market intelligence, advisory, and investment structuring, using innovative tools such as alternative finance, blended financing, and systemic thinking

For more than seven (7) years, they have been working with clients including companies, investors, civil society organizations, and the public sector in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and PanamaLed by a local social entrepreneur and partners, SVX Canada supported the start-up of SVX Mexico as an autonomous entity beginning in 2014The organization has flourished and grown since start-up, sharing insights and collaborating on projects with the SVX Canada team.