Time Period: 2015-Ongoing

Geography: United States

Sector: Cross-sector


  • Five (5) issuers supported 
  • Over 200 investors making investments 
  • $10M+ mobilized by SVX US issuers 

Stage: In Operation 

Client and/or Partners:

Cutting Edge Capital - Social Venture Exchange SVX

SVX Canada has worked with Cutting Edge Capital since 2015 to design, develop and deploy an SVX model in the US.

Together we have created greater connections and access for the investor and venture community across borders, and enhanced our shared capacity, technology, and knowledge to better serve our investor and issuer communities.

SVX US launched with its first issuer, TechSoup, at the old Pacific Stock Exchange Building in November 2018. TechSoup offered a $11.5 million Regulation A+ direct public offering. CoPeace recently became a partner and co-owner for SVX US.