WIN-VC Canada


Time Period: 2023-2025

Geography: Canada-wide

Sector: Cross-sector, gender equality 

Impact: TBD


Stage: In Operation

Links or Resources: WIN-VC Canada Website

Client and/or Partners: 

Wosen Colored LOGO - Social Venture Exchange SVX
ISED Canada
Esplanade LOGO - Social Venture Exchange SVX
PDC, Pond Deshpande Centre
Canadian Women's Foundation CWF
Pillar LOGO - Social Venture Exchange SVX
New Power Labs

Supported by the Government of Canada through the WES Inclusive Women Venture Capital Initiative, SVX is administering a partnership project called WIN-VC Canada (Women and Non-Binary Impact Network for Venture Capital). WIN-VC Canada is a multi-regional consortium of partners including Pond Deshpande, Esplanade, Spring Activator, Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), WE-BC, Pillar Nonprofit Network, New Power Labs, and others.

The project will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs who are seeking to create social or environmental impacts through their ventures and are on their journey to become investment-ready. The core components of the program include regional and multi-regional entrepreneur training programs, regional and multi-regional investor education programs, and systems level research. It is expected that the partners will deliver 12 training programs with a total of approximately 200 participants.